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50 kilometers from Kungur, not far from the Kalinino village Belogorskiy monastery is situated. When you reach the highest point of the mountain a beautiful sight will open to you, the one that it's hard to see anywhere else in the world. Imagine a mountain 1000 feet higher than all others 50-100 miles around,"- this is how Belaya (White) mountain was described in the "Permskiye news" in 1909.

About 70 thousand people each year visited this monastery.The first wooden temple of the Saint Nicholay was built on the Belaya mountain in 1894. And since 1902 building of the new big temple was started. It's one of the most beautiful cathedras in Russia. It was built in 15 years.

Today the building of the Belogorskiy monastery is on restavration.

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