Walk | Belogorje | Merchants' gift

Please come with us to the walk through our old town!



We will start our walk from the Tichvinskij temple. It was built in 1763 and got the name from the holy icon of Tichvinskaya Bogomaterj. Now the cinema theater "Oktyabry" is in the building.

Then, walking down by the river Sylva we pass several old buildings. Some time ago the house of the merchant Dubinin was here, and today here is the Town's Duma.

Now in front of us there's Gostinyj Dvor. It's the shopping center of the town. Also here you see the Pugatchevskaya square, many years ago it had another name - Sobornaya. At that time two beautiful temples were at this square. Unfortunately, now only old photos and the library building remind us of them.

The first stone building in Kungur was the voyevoda's house. Now it's the museum. Once famous writer Radischev stayed at this house on his way to Syberia.

Right after the voyevoda's house you'll see the building of Small Gostinyj Dvor. For a long time the book store was here. Now this building is under reconstruction.

In the down part of the town on the Kittarskaya street you'll see the Uspenskaya church. It was built in 1761 thanks to the merchant Chlebnikov.

On the opposite bank of the Sylva river you'll see the Preobrazhenskij temple.

There're also many other beautiful buildings - the Tsukerman's house, the Gubkin's school and many others. We hope that you will like beautiful places of old Kungur.

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