Always  glad  to  welcome  you - business   centers  of  Kungur:

The  Mashinbuilding factory
WE  CAN  HELP  YOU  WITH: scientific  and  constructing   works  in  making  new kinds  of  oil  getting   mashines.
WE'RE  LOOKING FOR: partners  for  making  new  oil  mashines. Our  adress: t. Kungur, Prosveschenije  street, 11.
tel. (271) 2-93-38.

The "Metallist"  conpany. tel. (271) 2-00-47.

Meatcombinat. tel. (271) 2-27-61.

Milkcombinat. tel. (271) 2-45-63.

Beerfactory. tel. (271) 2-37-68.

"Kungur trikotazh".


We  are  making  high-quality  clothes  out   of  natural  materials  according  to  the  european   standarts. Modern  mashines, good  clerks, only  high-quality   materials - that's  what  makes  our  clothes  so   popular. If  you  want  to  look  great - we'll  be   always  glad  to  help  you.
Our  adress: t. Kungur, Lenin  st., 67.

tel (271) 2-01-40.

"Kungur-melody". tel. (271) 2-96-26.

AMKAR (work shoes). tel. (271) 2-08-48.

The  factory  of   art  works.
Please  visir  our  shop  "Gontcharnaya lvk": t. Kungur, Lenin  st., 57.
tel. (271) 2-00-64, tel. (271) 2-04-62.

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