Fairs  are  held  in  Kungur  since  1835

Kungur always was famous as a town of merchants. Traditions are still being kept. Each year three fairs take place in Kungur, companies from Perm, Izhevsk, Glazov and Ekaterinsburg participate in them. Stone and wood crafts became very popular as well as others made by Kungur people.The town head allowed to hold three fairs in Kungur since 1835: Bogoyavlenskaya, Pyatnitcheskaya - on the 6th of July and Pyatnitcheskaya - on the 28th of October. In 1837 Mininskaya fair styarted to get held instead of Pyatnitcheskaya, it began on the 9th of November, and in 1838 Sretenskaya fair started to get held instead of Bogoyavlenskaya. For each fair the town gave about 50 brubles in silver.

Today people of Kungur are coming back to their history and restoring it. Fairs again come to are town each year. And, just like many years ago, russian merchants from all the ends of our country come to each one of our three fairs in a year

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