The Birth of Kungur | Native crafts | Pugatchev | Town-heads

Pugatchev  still  is  in  the  memory  of  the   people  of  Kungur  eve  though  Pugatchev  himself   wasn't  on  the  territory  of  the  town. The  war  of  Pugatchev  came  to  kungur - a   little  town  that  didn't  have  anything  to   protect. By  that  time  the  voyevoda  of  Kungur   Miller  and  his  people  got  scared  and   secretely  ran  away  from  the  town. So,  the  merchants  of  Kungur  organized  the   protection  of  the  town.  The  leaders  were   Filipp  Krotov  and  Emelyan  Chlebnikov. In  memory  of  our  victory  the  icon  was   painted  in  the  holy  name  of  three  saint people:  Vasiliy  Velikiy,  Grigirij Bogoslov,  Ioann  Zlatoust   and  others. 100 years  after  this  battle  of  Kungur  with   the  people  of  Pugatchev  merchants  decided  to   open  the  memorial  on  the  central  square   of  the  town.

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